Funny Books: Top 5 Female Avengers!

Happy Woman’s History Month Everyone! In honor of women’s history, Funny Books will list what we think are the best Avengers with a XX chromosome.

Monica Rambeau


First off, she was in Nextwave. Second, she was in Nextwave. Third, seriously, go read Nextwave. Monica Rambeau was an Avengers during the 80’s, and held her own against more seasoned Avengers with her cool light-themed power set and grace under pressure. Did I also mention she was in Nextwave. I did? Oh…NEXTWAVE.



Ok, so real talk. A lawyer with super strength and loving every minute of it, She-Hulk is hands down one of Marvel’s best characters, male or female. Her solo-series are always consistently great (if too short) and she adds her own personal greatness to any team. So as one of Marvel’s best, She-Hulk naturally fits as a member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Carol Danvers


Whether you know her as Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, or god help you “Binary,” Carol Danvers has been an Avengers mainstay for decades. Starting out as an Air-force pilot, Danvers acquired superpowers from a Kree warrior, becoming one of the most powerful being on Earth. Her clout has been slowly increasing since the mid 2000’s, when she became leader of the Avengers, and with an upcoming live-action movie, we can only imagine how high she’ll go.

The Scarlet Witch


Despite her traumatic back story, or maybe because of it, The Scarlet Witch is one of the longest lasting Avengers in the franchise’s history, belonging to almost every iteration of the team. Originally introduced as the henchwoman of Magneto, The Scarlet Witch found love in the Avengers with the artificial Vision, and later ushered in the new age for both the Avengers and X-Men in the events Avengers: Dissasembled and House of M. Love her or hate her, you can’t argue that the Scarlet Witch brings much needed chaos into the Marvel Universe.

The Wasp


The First Lady of the Avengers. Literally. The Wasp, or Janet Van Dyne, was the first female Avengers in the team’s history, and also the character who named the team. Starting off as a young socialite, Janet matured in the Avengers, eventually becoming the team’s leader on more than one occasion. Her personal struggles with the husband and eventual growth away from him made her a character many could relate to. Now, if we could only get her solo series off the ground…

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