Take a Look at Aquaman in Costume for Batman V. Superman

Aquaman has arrived, and surprise, surprise, Jason Momoa makes an awesome King of Atlantis.

Officially revealed?

Yup, it’s official. Batman V. Superman director Zack Snyder revealed Momoa in costume today on Twitter, and while I still have no idea how this guy is going to fit into the movie, it’s a pretty cool look.

I see they’re not going with the New 52 look.

Yeah, it definitely looks like the movie version of the character was heavily inspired by Peter David’s take on the character in the 90s, which ditched the orange shirt for a more…au naturel look. Momoa’s costume is even sporting some of that arm and shoulder armor that the comic book version wore.


Wait a minute, something looks very, very wrong here.

This biggest change (at least visually) that the character has undergone is his hair color. Aquaman has pretty much always been blonde, but here it looks like the most we’ll be getting are some blonde streaks in Momoa’s hair.

Does it matter?

Seriously? Of course not. Some people are still going to be mad about that though, so as usual, brace yourself for some fan push-back.

As usual. When will we be seeing the King of the Seven Seas suit up?

Jason Momoa will make his big screen debut as Aqauman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice next year. Then, he’ll return in Justice League Part One in 2017, followed by an Aquaman movie in 2018. Finally (unless this house of cards topples in the immediate future), he’s slated to appear in Justice League Part Two in 2019.


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