Bad Words and Private Parts – Go Your Own Way #29

This disturbingly offensive story contains excessive profanity, violence and incest. How could we resist?


Normally you don’t mind the screaming, indeed it can even bring a smile to your face, but right now you’re trying to write a love poem to your sister and it’s very difficult to focus when someone’s screaming for help.

What’s the best way to turn a girl scout into cookies? Is there a hidden art in making nipple belts? How many innocent people do we need to kill to seduce our sister on our anniversary?

We’re not sure that any of these questions should ever be answered, but wouldn’t you know it, these are all things we learned from this week’s story, Love SICK by EndMaster.Full disclosure—this one isn’t for the faint of heart, so take a break from listening this week unless you’ve got some issues yourself. That being said, we’ve probably piqued your interest now.


  1. Ha ha, I didn’t think you’d read this one. Nice reading.

    Just to let you know, your current link from your thread at CYS, doesn’t go to the Go Your Own Way podcasts anymore, it goes to How to make a Groot costume instead.

    1. Thanks, EndMaster! This story was definitely…memorable 🙂 And thanks for the heads up about the broken link.

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