Making Movies is Fun Until the Actors Get Murdered – Go Your Own Way #35

Our skills as a film producer get put to the test as we attempt to solve the mysterious murder of our leading actors.


“A few minutes pass, and nothing happens. Then suddenly, the lights instantly turn back on, revealing the two red corpses of Darlene and Jim, brutally murdered. Everyone begins to clap for the two actors, some people even take their cameras out to snap the scene. “

Such is fate, at least when you’re working on set at Studio 5 by AppDude27. It’s our first day as a producer of a new horror film, but it turns out that real life can be much more horrific than in the movies. This one involves a lot of talking to various characters, gathering information and remembering things. Can we solve the mystery? Not quite, since this will be a multi-episode story, but we make some decent progress.


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