Trailer Park Adventures! – Go Your Own Way #47

Grab your whiskey and cigarettes for this rather explicit day-in-the-life story about a trailer park resident. Can we find a job and get our woman off our back?



We’re known to be inappropriate now and again (by which we mean always). But sometimes we come across a story that’s simply filled with explicit language and offensive topics. Can you blame us for being curious? This week’s off-kilter adventure is called “TRASH” by EndMaster. As a resident of a trailer park, we need to pick ourselves up out of a bed of empty beer bottles and find a proper job so that Tina will quit her nagging.

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  1. Another really funny episode.

    Jen did a good job with Love SICK and she did good job with this reading of TRASH as well. I find her voice to be the perfect fit for profanity rich dialogue.

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