How to Unlock Destiny’s New Strike in the Dark Below DLC

Destiny‘s first expansion pack is out today and it includes a new strike. It’s called “The Will of Crota,” and is also this week’s Weekly Heroic strike. Unlike most strikes though, this one is a little bit tricky to unlock. Here’s how to do it.

1. Begin The Dark Below Story

Head to the Tower and talk to Eris to begin the first story mission from the DLC. Complete the first three missions of the new story campaign.

2. Take the Knights or Wizards Bounty

After finishing the first three missions, return to Eris and accept the bounty to kill 25 Knights of Wizards.

3. Another Three Bounties

Now you’ll need to go back to Eris again to accept the next three Crota bounties.

4. Completing Bounty #1

The first bounty is completed at the Refinery. To find it, patrol the Cosmodrome and head right from the drop site to the building that takes you to The Divide. Then go north towards the begininng of the Sepiks Prime strike. Enter that building and find the Servant of the Heart (he’s praying to a green orb). Kill him and his minions to complete the bounty.

5. Completing Bounty #2

Next, head to the Lunar Complex. It’s probably faster to just re-queue the patrol instead of backtracking. To find it, head left from the drop site towards the building with the big radar dish on it. Once you’re inside, find the big room with the Wizard in it. There’s a Thrall in the corner just below this room. Kill him and his minions to complete the bounty.

6. Completing Bounty #3

The final bounty is in the Terrestrial Complex. Don’t re-queue the patrol, this building is pretty close to the Lunar Complex. Head through the Terrestrial Complex until you get to the area with the ship. Head out onto the big patio and look for an urn. You will be attacked by some enemies before the bounty finishes.

7. Return to Eris

With all three bounties completed, go back to the Tower and speak with Eris. She will unlock the strike. Happy hunting!

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