Magic Leap’s Augmented Reality Game Looks Too Good to Be True

Four years ago, a start-up called Magic Leap raised over $540 million dollars from Google and other investors to work on… something.

We know from their previous projects that they’re interested in Augmented Reality, and according to a Gizmodo report last year, they’re designing something akin to “a Google Glass on steroids that can seamlessly blend computer-generated graphics with the real world”

Today we’re getting a taste of that “Glass on steroids” project, with this absolutely insane teaser.

This is… fake right?

Well, it’s “fake” in terms of it being a concept video, and not an actual, functioning product. You’ll notice this was done in conjunction with Weta Workshop, a special effects/visual effects company.

That being said, Magic Leap definitely wants to make what we just saw a reality. The only question is how long it will take them.

What do we know about Magic Leap so far?

Not a whole lot, strangely enough, despite the fact that they’ve been working on this tech for nearly four years now.

What we do know is that the company is well-funded, and not some fly-by-night Kickstarter operation, and it’s employing a team of very capable individuals including Weta’s Richard Taylor and science fiction author Neal Stephenson. The fact that Google (who recently shuttered their own attempt at AR with Glass) is backing the project is definitely a good sign.

We also know that whatever they’re creating, it’s based on proprietary tech, and that it will likely project an image directly onto the user’s retina, rather than onto a screen. That by itself is already pretty revolutionary.

I’m excited.

Me too. Hopefully this teaser means that Magic Leap is finally ready to break its silence, and talk about what’s been going on with their mysterious project.

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