Marvel and George Romero Bringing Zombie Show to TV Based on Empire of the Dead

Empire of the Dead is a series of comics published by Marvel and written by zombie master George A Romero. It offers an interesting take on the age-old zombie plot, by throwing vampires into the mix.

Apparently, Romero and Peter Grunwald will be working together to create a television adaptation of the series. Damarest films made the announcement at Cannes, and will be backing the project.

No word on a release date for the series.

What Is Empire of the Dead?

Empire of the Dead

As I said above, Empire of the Dead is pretty much the same post-apocalyptic zombie story we’ve seen many times before with one quite interesting twist: vampires. It takes place in Manhattan and follows a close-knit group of survivors as they try to adapt to the world around them.

Alex Maleev illustrated the comics, who was previously responsible for the dark and gritty versions of Daredevil. His illustrations are fantastic and work to improve the books.

The books largely follow two characters, one of which is a doctor and scientist interested in studying zombie behavior. She is a female lead which is much different than some of the other material we’ve come to know from Romero.

There is a character who’s a lot like the Governor from The Walking Dead series. Yes, he captures zombies for a gladiator-style arena.

If you haven’t read the books before, give them a try they’re pretty good!

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