Mortal Kombat X has Microtransactions: Here’s What You Need to Know

Millions of gamers were in for a surprise today when they fired up their brand new copies of Mortal Kombat X, ready to pull off the goriest of fatalities. Mortal Kombat X has been bitten by the microtransaction bug, making it yet another modern title subscribing to the controversial practice.

What Kind of Microtransactions?

mortal kombat x fatality

MKX includes microtransactions for several different facets of the game experience. Perhaps most striking, players can purchase two add-on packs that provide “easy” fatalities. In other words, if you pay $0.99, you will receive simplified versions of the game’s most fulfilling moves. You can also purchase 30 simplified fatalities for $4.99.

The game also includes several packs that allow players to access certain playable characters. The “Kombat Pack” offers players the chance to bypass hours of playtime and unlock several characters early for $29.99. Meanwhile, the “Goro” and “Blue Steel Sub-Zero” packs are the only methods to unlock those characters in-game.

The “Samurai Pack” gives you three new character skins, while another pack lets you unlock everything in the Krypt (an in-game market for special items) at once.

Buying every piece of DLC will cost players over $60, on top of the $59.99 for the base game. That’s two games for the price of one.

For a quick look at the “easy” fatality add-on packs, check out Youtuber “Games Under Pressure’s” video detailing the specifics.

Why are there Microtransactions in my Mortal Kombat?

mortal kombat x battle 3

Although certainly surprising, it is not shocking to see NetherRealm Studios join in on the controversial practice. Indeed, Studio Marketing Manager gave fans cause for concern in a February interview with IGN, when he chose not to detail the company policy regarding microtransactions, stating, “We are not releasing any details on that yet. Nothing to say about microtransactions yet”

The fighting game model does lend itself well to this “nickel and dime” corporate approach and a market does exist for these kinds of purchases. Whether or not players choose to support such practices is ultimately up to the individual; however, the immediate reaction to MKX’s financial features has not been positive.

Popular Youtuber “Boogie2988” sums up many of the complaints currently being leveled at NetherRealms Studios, including less than favorable comparisons to such practices in the mobile games market.

Needless to say, NetherRealms Studios has a lot to answer for regarding its controversial marketing decision.

What do you think about the existence of microtransactions in Mortal Kombat X? Are they a viable alternative for casual-minded players or do they undermine the experience as a whole? Let us know in the comments below!


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