Need a Last Minute Cosplay? This Rocket Raccoon Tank Top Comes Complete with Ears and a Tail

Looking to combine your love of Guardians of the Galaxy and tank tops? Well lucky for you, someone has stepped in to fill that very, very specific need.

Her Universe has debuted the latest item in their geeky clothing line for women, a Rocket Raccoon inspired tank top that not only nails the character’s iconic orange movie outfit, but even comes with furry ears and a tail. Emergency, last-minute cosplay… check.


The tank top is going for $31.60, and is available exclusively on Hot Topic‘s website.

Now just combine it with a Rocket Raccoon hoodie and t-shirt, and you can have your own Rocket-ception. And heck, why not throw in that Rocket Raccoon mask if you also feel like scaring small children.

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