Netflix’s Daredevil Trailer: Shot-by-Shot Analysis and Breakdown

Our first good look at Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil series arrived today, and although it’s less than a 1:30, it moves fast, so there are plenty of details to miss.

But first, here’s that trailer if you missed it:

Daredevil is set in New York City, specifically, the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. New York City is more or less the center of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a history stretching as far back as Captain America and Agent Carter, and including more modern happenings like Stark Expo, the Hulk vs Abomination fight, and serving as the new homebase for the Avengers. It will be interesting to see what kind of an effect all of these events have had on the criminal element of the city.


If you’re not familiar with the comic book character at all, Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, is completely blind. As a result of the accident that caused his blindness though, his other senses have been heightened to a superhuman degree. Combine this with top-notch athleticism, detective skills, and literal ninja training, and Daredevil is a pretty fearsome foe, despite being relatively low on the superpower scale.

The big question for this series will be how much of the character’s backstory will be changed. In the comics, Murdock was blinded as a child by radioactive chemicals (radioactive something being Marvel’s go-to in that era), which gave him the superpowered boost to his other senses. His father is later killed by gangsters, prompting Murdock to don a costume and seek revenge.


Murdock visits a church for a confession, presumably before he goes out to kick some butt as Daredevil. This series is weirdly enough, when you think about it, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first actual crimefighting vigilante.

While the rest of the MCU’s heroes are out fighting terrorists, aliens, and Nazis, Daredevil will actually be hitting the pavement to clean up some street crime. If nothing else, that feels like an entirely new angle of this world we haven’t really explored yet, which is surprising considering this is a comic book-based franchise.

daredevil-teaser-3 daredevil-teaser-5

The series is keeping Murdock’s trademark red-tinted sunglasses.


It seems that at least initially, Daredevil won’t even be bothering with a costume. Here it looks like he’s just wearing a hoodie to hide his identity, although we’ll get a better look at what he ends up wearing later on in the teaser.


Charlie Cox definitely got into shape for this role.


This seems like how the show plans on representing Murdock’s super-senses.


It seems that the existence of the Avengers hasn’t done much to deter common crime in the city. Someone get Batman on the phone.

daredevil-teaser-9 daredevil-teaser-10 daredevil-teaser-11

I think this is Deborah Ann Woll, who will be playing Karen Page on the show. In the comics, Page is a longtime love interest of Matt Murdock, even appearing in the comic book series’ very first issue. The comic book version of the character is a secretary at Matt Murdock’s law firm, while the TV version will be a mysterious woman on some kind of “quest for justice.”


Here she’s facing off with Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, Murdock’s law partner and close friend. It looks like she’s in lock-up, so my guess is that Murdock’s firm is representing her.


Someone got stabbed, but I can’t tell who. Is this Murdock’s father? Or is the woman in the show Karen Page, and this is what she’s seeking justice for? Maybe she was framed for this crime?


This is Scott Glenn as Stick, and I am so happy this character made it into the show. In the comics, Stick is a blind, old ninja master who trains Murdock after his childhood accident.


Some more shady individuals. Members of the Kingpin’s gang? Or, representatives from the Hand clan of ninjas? Fingers crossed!


An awesome shot of Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. In the comics, Kingpin is the arch-nemesis of Daredevil, and one of the most feared crime lords in the Marvel universe.


This woman is Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, a night-shift nurse who helps out Murdock, presumably patching him up after his clashes with criminals.


Our first look at the initial Daredevil costume; mostly black, but with a little hint of red.


Shit’s about to go down. It looks like he’s already taken a beating though, check out those stitches on his arm.


Also notice his super-senses at work when he puts his hand on the door.


And now, action montage, here are some of the more comprehensible highlights:


Here Daredevil is fighting with two sticks, possibly hinting at his trademark clubs from the comics.


Here he’s getting shot at by someone, showing off his acrobatic moves in the process.


This lady and a weird, purple sky. Why is the sky so purple?


A confrontation with Kingpin.


Throwing guys out of windows like it’s nobody’s business.


It’s interesting how comic book-ey the logo is, given how grim and gritty the trailer made the show appear.


This is definitely a “year one” sort of story, given how much Daredevil gets beat up in this trailer.


April 10 will be when the entire season drops on Netflix, save the date!

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