New Music Monday: Top 10 Songs of the Year!

Happy Monday music maniacs! Just like last year – my ten favorite songs of the year, with a few honorable mentions tacked on that I’d feel shitty about if I didn’t include them. Not the easiest list to compile in 2014, for me this was a strong year for the album, but weak for individual songs. That said, this list isn’t a hint at my favorite albums of the year – keep an eye out for that list next week and let me know if I missed anything in the comments!

Honorable Mentions

The Gaslight Anthem, “Get Hurt”, Get Hurt

What is there to say? If there’s a new Gaslight record out I’m probably gonna love it. If you’ve read enough of my stuff, you already know that. Except, this time I didn’t. Wasn’t blown away by the record, but I did dig this song.

Shawn Ames, “Darling Maggie”, Out of My Head Volume 4

A late entry for the year, but a song that’s been stuck in my head for what seems like forever now. I’ve been banging this crazy dude’s drum for a while now and you should really check him out. Here’s a great reason to dig deeper into Senor Ames’ catalog (conveniently available here).

10. Mark Lanegan Band, Harvest Home, Phantom Radio

This song just exudes darkness and cool.

9. St Vincent, “Prince Johnny”, St Vincent

I was not a fan of Annie Clark before the release of this record, and after being alerted to this pretentious performance I realized why. However, I did like this album and couldn’t stop listening to this mysterious ditty.

8. EMA, 3Jane, The Future’s Void

A harrowing and beautiful song piece of an album that was as stunning as it was expected. There is something increibly important about everything EMA does.

7. Sinead O’Conner, “Take Me To Church”, I’m Not Bossy, I’m the Boss

Yeah, so everyone in the world loved that “Take Me to Church” song by that Hozier dude, but I liked this one better.

6. Spoon, “Inside Out”, They Want My Soul

Britt Daniel calls this song the “most beautiful thing” Spoon has done. I think I agree with him.

5. Jack White, “That Black Bat Licorice”, Lazaretto

So much bile and filth. Great album, best track from it by a long shot. Still think this whole record is about his ex-wife.

4. Sun Kil Moon, “Richard Ramirez Died Today of Natural Causes”, Benji

Goddamn this was a tough record to listen to, but so worth it.

3. Morrissey, “World Peace is None of Your Business”, World Peace is None of Your Business

The Mozz stood tall with this one, spitting in the face of the establishment in a way only Morrissey could. What would we do without this crazy nutjob?

2. Jolie Holland, “On and On”, Wine Dark Sea

Everything about this song is perfect. The way it builds, the way it roams and blurs and nearly dissolves into a delicate burn of feedback that smolders on the skin and sets the tone for a powerful record. And it’s the best love song I’ve heard in years. This live version is both chilling and satisfying.

1. The Hold Steady, “Oaks”, Teeth Dreams

Okay, I know I was disappointed by Teeth Dreams as well, but this song, which closes the album, is a tragic masterpiece that attachedt itself to my spine when I first heard it and hasn’t let go yet.


Happy holidays everyone! Be back next week with my favorite albums of the year!

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