NMW: Chuck Berry, Katy Perry, Phoenix, and More!!!!

Time for your weekly update on all the new music stuffs being released this week. I’ll tell ya what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s a waste of your time. So strap on your headphones and let’s go for a ride!

*Note: I will be out of town next wee, so no NMW. Keeps your eyes open for a new column soon.

The Big News

I know, sale-wise the new Katy Perry record is a much bigger deal than anything else coming out this week, but since I really have no interest at all in ever hearing that record, I figured I’d start with something that is actually important, the new, and final, Chuck Berry release, Chuck. Berry ied earlier this year, and look, it’s like the David Bowie and Leonard Cohen releases of last year, you ain’t gonna find a negative review of this record so I’m just gonna let it speak for itself.

The Other Big News

Ok, ok, here’s the new Katy Perry record.

Everything Else

New stuph phrom Phrenchmen Phoenix.

Legendary legend Glen Campbell unveils his final opus, Adios.

One time best band in the fucking world Rise Against returns with Wolves.

My Recommendation

Ex-Sex Pistol Glen  Matlock has an interesting idea: operatic versions of punk rock classics known as The Anarchy Arias.

Next Week

Next week there’ll be new stuff from Jason Isbell, but I won’t be here so make sure to check it out!





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