NMW’s Super Creepy Songs for Halloween 2018: THE CRAMPS EDITION!!!

Earlier I posted a whole creepy slew of weirdo songs for the upcoming Halloween holiday. It was made up of a variety of artists, from fiddle pickin’ country legends to avant metal maniacs, but, honestly, if you want creepy Halloween themed music there are certain artists that always deliver. Last year we highlighted metal gods,Gwar, the year before that the master Ozzy, and before that Austin, TX psychedelic horror rocker Rocky Erickson. This year we turn to another group of horror masters: Ivy and Lux of THE CRAMPS!!!

Formed in the late 1970s and active throughout the 80s and 90s the husband wife team of Lux Interior and Poison Ivy were the backbone of the American underground for years. The duo’s sleazy, seductive greaser punk was produced eight albums and scores of legends. Interior died in 2009 but the scary spirit lives on!! Here’s ten of my favorites.











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