Oh Look, A Teaser Image for the Next Predator

A few months ago, Shane Black and Fred Dekkar turned in a treatment for a new Predator movie. Now it seems like we have a pretty good indication that things are moving forward. 

The teaser image above was posted to the official Predator Facebook page earlier today, along with the caption, “Here we go again, bro.” (a riff on a line from the original movie).

So what does this tell us?

Well first off, that the title might be The Predator. That’s a solid title, although after 2010’s Predators, that naming convention feels kind of like a weird reverse Alien situation.

Secondly, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it doesn’t look like they’re tinkering much with the iconic design of said Predators.

Anything else we know about this story?

The last we heard, this will not be a reboot. Instead, it will be in continuity with the previous three Predator movies.

Beyond that though, we pretty much have no idea where this story will be going. Aside from the possibility that Shane Black will direct, this is the first major anything we’ve seen about the movie in months. Hopefully this teaser image means that things are now cruising along in the right direction.

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