What Did You See? Captain America: Civil War Trailer Analysis

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The Captain America: Civil War trailer is up! So what comes next? Why, a shot-by-shot look at the trailer by a ravenous fan boy disguised as a news writer, of course.


The trailer begins at the end. Well, the end of Ant-Man that is. We see Bucky’s weird robot arm stuck in a machine with Captain America and the Falcon. This whole movie, as the trailer suggests, revolves around Captain America trying to get Bucky back. In this scene, it seems that Bucky’s memories have returned, but that’s not enough for some governments, who still see him as the deadly Winter Soldier.


On top of Bucky, or perhaps because of Bucky, Captain America is no longer trusted by the Governments of the world. The “Sokovia Accords,” named after the city that Ultron destroyed in Avengers 2, is clearly substitution for the Superhero Registration Act from the comics. It’ll still serve the basic purpose of putting giving Captain America and his Avengers team more Government Oversight. This will probably put a damper on his whole “saving my assassin friend” thing.


Which mean that at one point, Cap’s going to go on the run. Meaning we get to see Cap’s sneaky outfit again.


And that’s he’s going to be chased by the Police/Army/Homeland Security. Not in this scene though. I think this is part of a cold-open mission at the start of the movie. But you get the point.


Hey, It’s Marvel’s Iron Man! You know, a lot of fans have been describing this movie as Captain America vs. Iron Man, but that’s probably not the point of the movie. It’ll more likely go like this: Captain America is given the Sokovia Accords, Iron Man suggests he accepts and give up on Bucky, Cap refuses and goes on the run, Iron Man is asked to bring him in, and we see Cap and Bucky running away together. Maybe get some brunch at a nice B&B.


Again, this scene strongly suggests that the Sokovia Accords will act similar to the Superhero Registration Act. Only, instead of affecting everyone, it will only affect Captain America and his Avengers. The governments, clearly not cool with how Age of Ultron turned out, will try to reign Cap and the Avengers in more. Cap will probably accept at first, but he’ll draw the line when he’s asked to turn Bucky in.


This probably happens when he tries to escape Iron Man and the world police (or whatever organization is chasing him). Fans of the original Civil War from the comics will know why this shot is important. But Shhhhh! Let it be a surprise for the normals.


Captain America’s Civil War Avengers: Hawkeye (because he likes an underdog), Scarlet Witch (because she super hates Tony Stark), and Bucky (because BFFs). And given that Cap is in “uniform,” I’m guessing this happens later in the film.




Let’s beat up Iron Man! Horaay!! OK, so here’s the biggest hurdle this movie has to make. One of the main criticisms the original comic Civil War has been given is that it failed to make fans “Pick a side.” Because most people picked Captain America’s side. He’s Captain America! Whose not going to pick him? He had Spider-Man on his team! (and Iron Man was a big [email protected]#hole in that story) What this movie has to do, what I think what the last shot of the trailer is alluding to, is to show fans just how far Captain America is willing to go to save Bucky. Captain America doesn’t have to “cross that line,” but he has to come so close to it that he shocks himself, and the audience. Essentially, at some point, the movie has to stop making us root for Captain America. We’ll see if it can pull it off.

Still no Spider-Man though. Maybe I missed him. What did you see?

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