How Much CGI Was In Daredevil?

More than you think.

CGI is a fantastic tool. With the right time, money, and art direction it can create anything our imaginations can conjure.  Yes, many people think it’s used too much these days and they’re not entirely wrong. However, the real mark of good CGI is how it’s used. When you don’t even know it’s there then the filmmakers have done their jobs perfectly.

Such is the case of Daredevil.

Wait, there was CGI in Daredevil?

Well, there’s CGI in pretty much everything in these days, but Daredevil is no exception. The company that did much of the work for the show, Shade FX, just released their effects reel for the show complete with an interview explaining the post-production process. Check it out:

So, what was CGI?

Mostly stuff that would be too time consuming or dangerous on set. With Daredevil, it was lots of the blood effects such as gunshots and slash wounds. Fire is also a big one, as it’s just safer for everyone to keep that to a minimum on the busy set of a TV show when you have to crank out 10 pages a day.

One particular point of interest is the ninja fight. That chain blade that tore up Matt Murdock was all CGI, which is incredibly impressive. For a sequence praised on its grittiness, it’s very surprising to hear that the point of interest was created on someone’s computer.

So, next time you blame CGI for ruining movies these days, remember it’s only a tool. They can be used for good or ill… but when it’s used well you probably never knew it was there.

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