Songs They Send Us: Trippy New Stuff from Ummagma

People send us songs. We pass them on to you. Because we love you. Enjoy!

Sporting “delicate, airy, gossamer type vocals [that] hold glimmers of Cocteau Twins”, and “cinenmatic soundscapes with elements of Pink Floyd”, Canadian / Ukranian duo Ummagma are poised to release Kiev – The Remixes, an album of remixes featuring artists like Sounds of Sputnik, A Copycat, and Brazil’s Mind Moves. The album revolves around the Ummagma’s captivating signature song “Kiev”, which is inspired by the Ukranian city that was the scene of so much violence during last year’s bloody Ukranian Revolution. A mesmerizing mix of guazy, atmospheric sounds, trembling beats, and fragile vocals, “Kiev” is a near perfect song that seduces the listener in and out of consciousness. Trust me, you’ll dig it.

From the press release: “‘Kiev’ is the capital of Ukrain and the epicenter of massive civil unrest this year. But with this release of the same name Ummagma rise above the decay and mayhem encountered in that country to embrace diversity and beauty, while taking their music in new directions. ‘Kiev’ is essentially a message of hope.”

Kiev – The Remixes is available from Emerald and Doreen Records┬ánow.

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