Songs They Send Us: UK Ska Band The Talks Would like a Word with You

People send us songs. We pass them on to you. Because we love you.

Commoners, Peers, Drunks, and Thieves, the forthcoming new release from Yorkshire based ska bros The Talks, has been buzzing all over the place lately. Powered by a pair of undeniably catchy singles released earlier this year, “Don’t Look Behind You” and “Radio”, and bolstered by an incessant touring schedule that includes conquering some of Europe’s biggest festivals, Commoners shows the band maturing a bit in the wake of the success of their last release, Live Now, Pay Later.

“It’s really personal,” says lead singer Pat Pretorius in a press release. “Our last album felt more like a catalogue of songs. But this time it feels like a real album, a journey. We agonised over this and we’d like to think it’ll bring our audience closer to us.”

Commoners will be released November 24 by All Our Own Records.

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