Star Wars News: Updates, Spin-offs, and Timelines

If you were worried that three new Star Wars movies isn’t enough, worry no more. It was previously rumored that there are two spin-offs planned, one following Han and Chewie, and another on Boba Fett. 


According to JoBlo‘s sources, both of these are indeed happening, and they even have a timetable set. These films will come out in 2016 and 2018–the summers between Star Wars films VIII and IV.


There was a solo Yoda movie planned, but it seems to have since been pulled. Instead, rumors of a LEGO TV show have been circulating, which would make sense given the success of that video game series.

All of these ideas sound a bit iffy considering how the prequel trilogy went. But with Abrams behind the wheel, we’re at least guaranteed a pretty solid plot. And several lens flares.

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