The CW Plans a Superhero Team-Up Series Set in the Arrow-verse

The CW is going spin-off crazy, and I think I like it.

First there was Arrow. Then, two years later, The Flash. Now it seems The CW wants at least one more, and they’re stuffing everyone they can fit into this new “team-up” series.

Team-up series?

Deadline reports that The CW and DC are working on a third live-action TV series set in the Arrow-verse. Instead of focusing on just one character though, it will star Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller, Caity Lotz, and likely a bunch more.

So I get Brandon Routh, but who are the rest of these guys?

Right, so Routh is obviously Ray Palmer, and his superhero alter-ego The Atom has been teased several times already. Garber meanwhile plays Dr. Martin Stein on The Flash, while Miller was the villainous Captain Cold. Caity Lotz is definitely the weirdest name-drop of the bunch, considering her character, Sara Lance, died on Arrow in Season Three. Possible spoilers for the end of the current Arrow season?

So far I’m only seeing one superhero…

True, and since The CW is straight up calling it a “superhero team-up,” that probably means they’ve got their eyes on a few more characters; probably ones who haven’t yet appeared on either current show.

When will we be seeing this new spin-off?

Not for a while in all likelihood. The show is still in its early stages of development right now.

Then again, they sure got The Flash out the door in a hurry, so who knows?

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