The (Free!) StarCraft II Prologue Missions Are Out Now

Three missions that bridge the gap between Heart of the Swarm and the upcoming Legacy of the Void have been released, and are available as a free download to anyone who owns StarCraft II.

What is it adding to the story?

The prologue, titled “Whispers of Oblivion,” is set right before Legacy begins. It follows Zeratul as he sets out to unravel the Xel’naga prophecy in the wake of Amon’s resurrection.

It is an era of great uncertainty. The Dark God, Amon, has been reborn on an unknown world, heralding doom for all life in the Koprulu sector.

Before returning to his people to face their judgment, Zeratul scours the galaxy to find a way to shop the coming darkness. In this late hour, he seeks the last fragments of an ancient prophecy that could provide a ray of hope.

The entire thing takes about two hours or so to play, depending on how quickly you decide to progress through it.

I don’t have time to play it, can I get a quick recap?

“Whispers of Oblivion” begins with Zeratul arriving at a Moebius Foundation base that is experimenting on captured Protoss. He was called there by Talis, a Protoss Praetor, who requires the Dark Templar’s help in rescuing their comrades before they are turned into hybrids. At the same time though, Kerrigan’s Zerg arrive as well, and Zeratul must race to retrieve the prisoners before she destroys the facility.

Succeeding at that, Zeratul and Talis then head to Atrias, the location of an ancient Xel’naga site called the Temple of Erris. Zeratul believes this is where Amon was resurrected by Emil Narud.

Zeratul leads his forces in a battle against Tal’darim forces loyal to Amon, who are defending the temple for unknown reasons. After managing to punch a hole through their defensive line, he infiltrates the structure and discovers the final piece of the Xel’naga prophecy. With the Tal’darim in pursuit though, Talis and her forces stay behind to buy Zeratul enough time to escape and deliver a warning to the Protoss Hierarchy.

“Whispers of Oblivion” ends right where Legacy of the Void picks up, with Zeratul on his way to meet with Hierarch Artanis.

The story will continue on November 10 when Legacy of the Void is released. Pre-orders are currently available.

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