Top 10 Reasons (Some Believe) That Elvis Presley is Still Alive (Part II)

Okay, so when we left off last week, we’d just learned that not only was Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, supposedly not only not dead, he was actively pursuing an acting career, like the one he’d willingly left behind, by appearing as an extra in Home Alone. Let’s take one more look at that bit of evidence before we move on.

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Here’s Elvis in the 1961 romantic comedy classic Blue Hawaii:

And here is Elvis again, in Home Alone.

Like I said, a surprisingly not zero number of people believe that both of those individuals are Elvis Presley. Which is not surprising based on the number of people that have seen Elvis since his supposed death.

5. Like these people

Eyewitness reports. There are thousands of them. People, some of them not crazy cat ladies, have reported seeing Elvis doing all sorts of things in all sorts of places all over the world. Here’s one…

4. Okay, so that’s not exactly convincing. But let’s get to the serious stuff.

It’s well known that Elvis Presley and Muhammad Ali were friends. In fact, here’s a photo of them together.

elvis ali1_2

And here’s another.


And here’s another.


That guy in the background that looks like he’s about to nod off into a drug induced coma? That’s Elvis, right? Looks exactly like him. The problem? The last one was take in 1984, seven years after Presley’s death. Supposedly, when Ali was asked to identify the man in the photo he said “That’s my friend Elvis”.

3. Another photo.


This photo has caused a great deal of controversy is the “pool house door” photo taken in 1978 not long after Elvis’s supposed passing at Graceland. Many believe that this photo, taken by a mourner at Graceland, shows Elvis sitting in his pool house watching mourners walk through Graceland. I have to admit, it does look like him. This photo has been debated for years and there seems to be no real resolution as to who exactly this photograph depicts.

2. And now… The look alikes…

     A. Orion

orion reborn_1

This dude, calling himself Orion, emerged in 1978. He looked almost exactly like Elvis but wore a simple mask. Also, he sounded almost exactly like Elvis and this was enough to convince a lot of people that he was Elvis. In fact, his name was Jimmy Ellis, and he was a talented musician in his own right. He recorded eleven albums both as Orion and as Jimmy Ellis, and died in the mid-1990s during a robbery at a pawn shop he owned with his wife.

And here is Orion at work.

  B. Jesse Presley

jesse presely_1

The man in this photo is known as “Jesse Presley”. Some claim that he is, in fact, Elvis Presley, and there is supposedly DNA evidence to prove it.

There is whole website dedicated to this idea.

  C. Jon Cotner

jon cotner_1

Jon Cotner is a country music singer who sounds exactly like The King and many say looks exactly like him. Cotner has said that he is not Elvis, but Oswald said he wasn’t the only assassin too. Here’s a aduio of Cotner performing a Presley standard, “My Way”, over video of Presley. You be the judge.

1. The most compelling evidence of all that Elvis faked his own death is this.

Allegedly, there is a one million dollar life insurance policy, in Elvis’s name, that has yet to be cashed. It’s just sitting there and hasn’t been cashed because doing so would be illegal. Now, there’s no proof of this (that I’ve seen), and I wish I could show you a photo of it… but it probably doesn’t exist. But that’s not the point is it? I mean, the whole Elvis is alive thing is just a fun little piece of weirdo Americana, right? Something for housewives to dream about (“Oh, I might meet the King while pumping gas at the Kwik-E-Mart and we’ll whisk away to a nearby hotel for some of his “Hunk a hunka burning love”), and stoned rock and roll fans to discuss until daybreak while passing a bong and sipping beers. It’s like trying to sync The Wizard of Oz with Dark Side of the Moon or figure out just how that thing with Led Zeppelin, the groupie, and the mud shark worked.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s true (it is, trust me, Elvis is fucking alive) or isn’t (there’s no fucking way this is true) – it’s makes the world a more interesting place to live and that’s always a good thing. Personally, I believe it. I think Elvis, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, and Bill Hicks are sitting in a spaceship right now just waiting for some cool shit to happen so they can come back and get down with us all. Is that true? I goddamn hope so.

Thank ya. Thank ya very much.


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  1. If Elvis faked his death, it is possible that he may now be dead. He would be 81 which wouldn’t be out of the question for him to be alive but less likely.

  2. Funny how people have predicted things regarding Tupac and when he’s supposed to return, yet it backfired. Those who are dead are dead. I believe that a celebrity who disappeared like Amelia Earhart are more likely to be alive than those who were actually announced dead. Faking your death and putting your family and friends through hell is a real crappy thing to do.

    1. I doubt Amelia Earhart could still be alive. She would be 119, not to say she didn’t survive, there are reports she may have.

  3. So.. Elvis is alive, huh? And his health is functioning 100 per cent? The official cause of death was an OD. Then he must have been through a remarkable recovery, and he is also a major fraud.

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