Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Confirmed To Be Nathan Drake’s Last Adventure

You can only live that life so long.

The first three Uncharted games are filled with close calls and life or death situations. After all, people are willing to kill for the greatest treasures in the world… especially if they have supernatural powers. Just when it seems at the end of every game Nathan might be hanging up his adventuring hat for good, it seems he gets pulled back in by the time the next game starts… usually at the detriment of his personal relationships.

Well, at the end of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, it seemed like Nathan had finally reconciled with Elena and the two were going off to give their romance another try after what was a very harrowing adventure.

But, of course, we need an Uncharted 4.

So, this one is the last Uncharted game?

The last one featuring Nathan Drake at least, it seems. Obviously, the title A Thief’s End was a pretty big tip off that it could conclude the series, but with the introduction of Nathan’s brother we thought the title could be referring to him. However, in an interview with Gamesrader director Neil Druckmann discussed why the game was delayed, which had a lot to do with getting the ending right:

 “Even when I’m describing the ending, it’s a pretty… Well, I guess this is a little bit of a spoil… Nah, I’m not going to say it! But there is something that happens that requires quite a bit of work for what we want it to do, and again we would have had to reduce that scope and reduce that ambition to meet that [original] deadline”.

“We were weighing those choices between fans and their expectations. It was going to disappoint them to push this thing back, but this is the last chapter for Nathan Drake, so let’s give ourselves as much time as possible and go all-out for this series.”

So, what will happen to Nathan?


Well… the two answers really  come down to him retiring or him dying. We’re willing to bet they probably won’t kill him, so we imagine he’ll be going off with Elena into the sunset… but that doesn’t mean everyone will escape this adventure unharmed. *cough* Sully! *cough*

What could future Uncharted games be about?

Well, assuming they continue to make them… we’re honestly not sure. We would, however, absolutely love to see an Uncharted game centered around Chloe. She was one of the best things about the series thus far and we love the heck out of Claudia Black.

It’s either that or you jump ahead in time and have the adventures of Drake’s daughter… but we’re less inclined to endorse that route.


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