Video Games Deserve Posters That Look This Good


Artist Marinko Milosevski designed this movie poster-inspired collection of video game fan art. I don’t know know about you guys, but I would watch the crap out of a Star Fox movie!

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  1. The Ocarina of Time poster is definitely the best. It showcases the main characters ideally, especially the SKull Kid who plays a pivotal role albiet a small one. It’s great that the designer chose to give him a key role in the poster to bring the little guy to light. Such a great poster.

  2. The Ocarina of Time Poster is the only one I don’t really like. Sure, the design is nice, coloring wonderful, slogan very nostalgic, but my problem with this poster is the figure opposite our protagonist in the bottom corner and in a way much more of an eye grabber. The skull kid is the main villain in the sequel and an important character there, but he plays a very little part in Ocarina of Time. You can even kill him if you feel like it in the game. Why he’s given precedence on the cover instead of the many other more memorable characters from OoT is beyond me.

  3. I really love all this minimalist design trend going on these days. Simple, yet effective. Ocarina of time poster is by far my favorite.

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