What Will Chris Pine’s Role In Wonder Woman Mean For The DC Cinematic Universe?

More specifically, what will it mean for Wonder Woman and the Green Lantern Corps?

Chris Pine, aside from being our current Captain Kirk, has been the subject of many rumors as of late regarding the DC Cinematic Universe. Two potential roles floated around his name: Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor and the iconic Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

While Pine would be a great fit for Hal Jordan’s ring, many didn’t quite buy the rumor as it seemed DC wouldn’t want to repeat a character that was the driving force of a widely disliked film. Add to the fact that Tyrese Gibson is laying it on pretty thick that he’s in talks to play John Stewart and it seemed less likely Hal Jordan would make a return on screen.

So… who is Chris Pine playing?

Chris Pine will star as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, opposite Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince.

Who is Steve Trevor?


Originally, Steve Trevor was an United States intelligence officer during World War II who crashed his plane on Paradise Island and discovered the Amazons in the process. Diana nurses Trevor back to health and then follows him back into our world where she becomes Wonder Woman. His original character was very much a male Lois Lane, with him serving as a damsel in distress for his true love Wonder Woman… while failing to realize she and a certain bespectacled Diana Prince were one and the same.


Eventually, the two became married and Diana gave up her powers to be with Steve… only for him to be killed off in literally the next issue.

In the Post-Crisis continuity, Steve Trevor is much older and it was his mother Diana Trevor who first discovered Paradise Island. She died defending a group of Amazons and Wonder Woman was named after her in honor of the sacrifice. Eventually Steve crash landed there as well and became friends with Diana, though no romantic ties developed.


What will Steve Trevor be like in the film?

We imagine it will be a cross between pre and post Crisis versions of the character. Obviously, they don’t want Steve to be too old to keep the sexual tension, but we doubt he’ll be military man with conservative values.

What does this mean for Hal Jordan?


Well, to be fair both Steve and Hal are pilots… so it’s not impossible that Steve could eventually become a member of the Green Lantern Corps. That would certainly put him on an even playing field with Diana and allow him to pop up in many more films within the DC Cinematic Universe.

As for Hal… don’t expect to see him pop up for a while. At least, not until people forget about the first Green Lantern flick.


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