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How do I create a new article?

Once you’ve signed into your account, you can click the “+ New” button in the upper left-hand corner. This will take you to the new post area. You can copy and paste from a word processor, or just type directly into the field. Don’t forget to add a featured image in the bottom right-hand corner. This image will appear on the front page, in the Community section, and on your author archives page

Does my featured image need to be a certain size?

No, but we recommend uploading as hi-rez an image as possible, to maximize compatibility with the various areas of our site. For the article view itself, your featured image will be resized to 750px wide if it is larger than that. Images that are wider than they are tall also tend to look better on the article view, try experimenting with a few different image sizes to see what you like best.

How do I add images to my article?

First, click in your article where you want your image to go. Then, underneath the Title section is a button that says Add Media. Click that, switch to the Upload Files tab, and upload the image that you would like to add. Then hit “Insert into post”

Can I add animated .gifs to my post?

Yes, just add them in like you would a still image.

How do I insert videos within my article?

If it’s a YouTube or Vimeo video, simply copy and paste the YouTube link into your article. It should automatically convert into a video.

If for whatever reason that doesn’t work, you can also click the “Add Media button near the top the post editor, and select Insert from URL.”

Why is my formatting all messed up on the site? It was fine when I typed it earlier.

Generally this is caused by copying and pasting an article from a word processor into our posting system. Usually there aren’t any problems, but sometimes whatever formatting you happened to use doesn’t agree with the site’s post editor. If it’s something small, you may be able to edit it on the site. When that isn’t the case, one way to fix the formatting is to copy and paste the article into something like Notepad, and once again copy and paste that into the site. You may need to adjust your post slightly, but this seems to be the go-to solution when an error occurs.

How can I get more feedback on my articles/podcasts/videos?

The best place to get feedback on your work is the Overmental Community Facebook group. Feel free to share any of your articles here for advise or ideas. If you’re looking to discuss your work in greater depth, feel free to also contact any of the editors.

I want to write about __________.”

Don’t ask us; just do it! Think of Overmental as your own personal creative playground. Whatever idea you happen to have, we’ll help you out as best we can. While there are some guidelines as to what you can and cannot post to the site, we’re always open to new, cool, strange ideas. Remember, you are your own advocate – if you think you have a fantastic idea, find an audience and dive in headfirst.

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