12 Things We Learned from the New Avengers: Age of Ultron TV Spot

A new Avengers: Age of Ultron TV spot is out, and at just a minute long, it normally wouldn’t be a big deal. Except for the fact that for no reason at all, it’s almost all new footage!

Here are 12 things worth taking away from the new teaser.

1. Maria Hill is back!

And it looks like Stark Industries has a much more casual dress code.

age of ultron spot 1 maria hill

2. Captain America is still in charge.

It feels really weird to have Tony Stark admit he’s not the boss.

age of ultron spot 2 steve rogers

3. But Stark does pay for everything, and design everything, and makes everyone look cool.

There it is.

age of ultron spot 3 tony stark

4. Speaking of designing everything…

He’s doing a pretty phenomenal job.

age of ultron spot 4 hawkeyeage of ultron spot 5 hulkbusterage of ultron spot 6 black widow

5. Nick Fury is back!

With his classic eyepatch, earpiece, and trench coat. In fact, this pretty much looks exactly like a frame out of The Avengers.

age of ultron spot 7 nick fury

6. Captain America has magnetic shield retrieval now.

Kind of makes you wonder how he was catching it before.

age of ultron spot 8 captain america shield

7. It’s not new, but we’re taking another look at this team shot, because holy shiiiiiiiii-

age of ultron spot 9 avengers

8. Captain America throws a freakin’ motorcycle.

That is all I needed to know.

age of ultron spot motorcycle throw

9. It looks like they’re fighting HYDRA at the castle base.

At least, they don’t look like Ultron bots. Compare these guys:

age of ultron spot 10 iron man

To the human dudes the Avengers are fighting in the previous GIF. The uniforms look the same to me, so I’m guessing this is BaronĀ  Strucker’s base before it becomes Ultron’s.

10. This happens.

And that’s amazing.

age of ultron spot 11 thor

11. If you step out that door, you’re an Avenger.

It seems Hawkeye is the one to get Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to go good. Nice work there Clint. It’s also worth noting that both of those characters get their own title cards in this trailer, they’re no throwaway side character.

age of ultron spot 12 hawkeye

Also, Pietro Maximoff has a sweet Russian accent. Err… Sokovian accent I mean.

age of ultron spot 12 quicksilver

12. It’s time for some fun.

Ultron, you couldn’t be more right.

age of ultron spot 14 avengers

Age of Ultron is out on May 1.

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