4 Adaptations Telltale Games Needs to Make

Telltale Games is a prolific studio that can spin a story better than most. They seem to be specializing in adaptations, so here are 4 properties we’d love to see Telltale work their magic on.

1) Firefly


Not only do the markets for the TV show and Telltale’s games cross, but the property itself lends itself nicely to the episodic nature of Telltale’s release structure thanks to the segmented storylines from the show. This would have the added benefit of letting you explore the iconic characters from their own individual perspectives.

2) Goosebumps


When I was growing up Halloween meant two things: Candy and Goosebumps. Some of my favorite iterations in this spooky scary book series were the choose-your-own-adventure books, where I could decide the fate of the kid who wandered into the jack-o’-lantern house of horror. The books are practically games in themselves, and every episode could be a different book. My only concern is that this would be 2sppoky4me2play.

3) Sherlock (BBC)


I admit it, I’m a Cumberbitch. The style of game that Telltale excels at making is practically begging for a Sherlock game, and I think the modern adaptation that stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman would be a great choice for an episodic game series.

4) True Detective


In the same style as Sherlock Holmes, True Detective would be a stellar series for Telltale to adapt. The show is anthological, which means the story and cast changes every season; this would allow Telltale to write an original story every season for their game releases and it would be up to them whether to base it on the show characters or not.


Any series or properties you would like to see Telltale adapt? Let us know in the comments below!

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