Destiny: What Are The Mysterious New Coins for in House of Wolves?

The new expansion for Destiny, House of Wolves hasn’t been out for more than a day and players are already uncovering some hidden treats. Throughout various areas of the expansion, players have discovered mysterious small coins that don’t seem to do anything, yet.

Where Are The Coins?

The players who discovered the coins have already uploaded videos to YouTube with their location.

User Fohacidal¬†— from the video above — was one of the first to discover the coins. As you can see, there’s not much you can do but look at them. The game doesn’t offer an interaction option, so you cannot collect them like the dead ghosts.

A closeup of the coin reveals that it has the House of Judgement symbol engraved on it, which is one of the factions from the game.

Here’s another tutorial video that shows you where to find the coin, should you want to go looking for it.

In the video above, Sinavonick shows us the location of a second coin that can be found within the Queen’s Ransom mission.

What Are the Coins For?

Destiny House of Wolves mysterious coins

We don’t know yet what the coins do, or what they are for. Bungie previously hid coins around the Tower — seven of them in total — and held a low-profile competition to see who could find all of them first. The player that discovered them all purportedly received an exclusive in-game emblem from the Bungie team. Hopefully, they’re still rocking that emblem now for bragging rights.

Anyway, the assumption is that the first player to find all of the hidden coins in House of Wolves¬†will end up with some cool, exclusive loot. There’s always the chance that Bungie will activate their true use in a later update somehow. What do you think?

Excuse me, I have some coins to go search for.


  1. I still think it’s a great game, albeit one that is inelegantly monetised while missing a lot of opportunities. Really, now that Borderlands Collection is out, they should rethink the pricing of those expansions. It’s still impressive, still fun to play, the gun mechanics are pretty much unrivalled, but it’s still severely lacking in content and now that there’s some competition it shows more than ever.

    1. I agree. House of Wolves offers just a taste of what could be. If Bungie delivers more expansions that equal or rival it, eventually we’ll have an amazing world to explore.

  2. Don’t know if it’s public yet but there is also another coin in the citadel.

    Head towards the portal that transports you up to fight skolas

    Before entering jump over to the opening in the wall to the right

    Climb to the top, and you have your coin

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