Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity on Sale for $10

Two of Ubisoft’s biggest games of 2014 are on sale for a pretty ridiculous price.

It’s a PC only deal unfortunately, and it’s codes not discs, but other than that it’s a hell of a steal.

Both games are available right now on Frys.com for just $9.95, which is pretty impressive considering they still retail for around $40-$50 on that platform. It’s also worth pointing out that Fry’s price is nearly $25 cheaper than the games have ever been on Steam, including the recent Ubisoft sale, so don’t expect this price to last long.

The downside to this deal is that you’ll need to pick the codes up in store, which is entirely silly (they’re apparently codes that came with SSD drives). Still, if you have a Fry’s near you and you’re willing to make the drive, this is about as cheap as these games will ever get.

Get Far Cry 4 here and Assassin’s Creed: Unity here.

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