Hawken Changes Hands, Now Owned by Developer of APB: Reloaded

The free-to-play robo-shooter Hawken has been purchased by Reloaded Games, the company that currently runs APB Reloaded.

What does this mean for the game?

This likely won’t have a huge immediate impact on the Hawken. Reloaded purchased APB: All Points Bulletin a few years ago, and retooled it as a F2P game, but since Hawken is already F2P, I don’t see it’s business model changing much.

If anything, this will probably help to grow the Hawken fanbase, as Reloaded previously managed to broker deals to get APB onto Steam, as well as PS4 and Xbox One consoles, which basically saved that game.

Additionally, development on Hawken has slowed considerably over the past two years, with very few new updates being released. Reloaded has so far done a pretty good job of keeping things fresh in APB, so this will likely mean we’ll see plenty of new additions in the coming year.

So what does Reloaded Games plan on doing then?

So far, we have no official word on future plans by the game’s new owner. All we know is that forums are being put together, and the devs will post more information once they’re online.

What is Hawken anyways?

Hawken is a multiplayer shooter game that launched in 2012. It puts players inside of giant bipedal battle mechs, with the ability to customize your armor and munitions. The game features traditional FPS modes like deathmatch and free-for-all, but with a mech-based twist of course.

It’s currently free-to-play with microtransactions on Steam.

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