Destiny: 5 Ways to Prepare for House of Wolves

With its next expansion, House of Wolves, scheduled for release on May 19, Destiny players are getting their characters ready to gorge on the new content that will be arriving.

Here are five tips from a Destiny veteran to help you stay ahead of the pack and be one of the first to cross the threshold into the new endgame.

1. Load Up on Bounties.

Destiny Beta_20140719161133

Bounties are one of the most fundamental aspects of the Destiny experience, as they provide players with experience points they can use to upgrade weapons and gear, AND provide reputation boosts which can lead to some sweet new loot.

When House of Wolves launches, you want each of your characters to have all 10 of their bounty slots filled with the highest-rewarding bounties possible. Having so many bounties will ensure that your characters will receive a massive influx of experience on day one, which will make the leveling process go much smoother.

2. Hold On to Your Marks

destiny marks

With each Vanguard strike and Crucible match completed, players earn a certain amount of “marks” that can be used to purchase legendary gear, weapons, and materials from vendors in the Tower.

While Bungie did state that they would not make the same mistake twice of disregarding the value of hard-earned raid gear, it is still a smart idea to stock up on marks in preparation for the DLC. After all, who knows what unique helmets or bizarre weaponry the Tower NPCs will be bringing with them for the brand new content?

3. Make Sure Your Factions are Ready to go Overboard

Whenever you achieve a new rank with a particular faction through reputation gains, you gain Destiny’s version of a loot cache. While most of these contain useless materials, some have the potential to reward legendary or even exotic gear.

In the days before House of Wolves, make sure to level up your standing as many factions as possible to increase your chances at earning one of the many new pieces of gear included in the DLC. Having those 10 bounties on hand will make this process even quicker.

4. Choose Which Legendary Weapons You Want to Upgrade (Besides Fatebringer)

destiny fatebringer

In their preview of what’s to come in House of Wolves, Bungie made Destiny players very excited when they announced that it would now be possible to upgrade your legendary gear, in addition to exotics.

Everyone’s first thought was their Fatebringer. I challenge you to move beyond that beautiful death machine and decide which legendaries you feel would be worth the upgrade. Some early favorites of mine include: Black Hammer, Vision of Confluence, Found Verdict and The Supremacy. Remember to keep in mind the egregious cost of upgrading a weapon from the previous expansion when you make your decision.

5. Stock Up, Stock Up, Stock Up

This should go without saying but, with any expansion in this game, it is essential to stock up on important materials before launch. Make sure your Glimmer is maxed out, so your Guardian won’t be left in poverty. Do your Weekly Heroic Strikes each week to ensure you have enough Strange Coins for the new goodies that Xur will bring.

Run Crota’s End each week to collect radiant materials which, despite the lack of a raid, may yet come into play with the new endgame gear. Regarding Ascendant Materials, I am going to assume that those of you reading this article will have already accumulated far too much, to the point of cursing your Nightfall drops when they turn out to be Shards or Energies.


In conclusion, the best way you can prepare your characters to begin the hunt in House of Wolves is to stock up NOW. Focus on collecting Bounties, Marks, Reputation, Glimmer, and Strange Coins. Decide which pieces of legendary gear are worthy of continued use in your Guardian’s hands. Following these tips will ensure you are ready when the Destiny servers reset on May 19.

“Let the hunt begin!”

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