Top 5 Most Impressive Speed Run Videos

Some people like to play games to unwind, some like to immerse themselves, and still others like to compete. But competition comes in more forms than deathmatch or capture the flag. Some people like to compete by seeing who can beat a game faster than others. Here are five of the most impressive of these speed runs.

1) Half-Life in half an hour

36 minutes might seem like a long time to just watch someone play Half-Life, but when you consider you’re watching someone skillfully condense a 12 hour game into 29 minutes, it becomes very fascinating.

2) The Legned of Zelda: Ocarina of Time glitch sends you straight to Ganon

What looks like lazy editing is actually a glitch that sends you straight from the first boss of Ocarina of Time to the last boss. Now that must be confusing for young Link…

3) Portal gets downright confusing

Portal isn’t a particularly long game to begin with, but finishing the game in a just over eight and a half minutes is pretty insane. This game already made my head hurt, but watching the crazy exploits used here… I can’t even…

4) Super Mario 64 kicks Bowser’s butt in five minutes

Utilizing a series of glitches and exploits, these speedrunners manage to defeat Bowser all three times and never even pick up a single star. Yes, it is a tool-assisted run, but it’s so captivating to watch, you just won’t even care.

5) Myst gets finished fast

At first this video seems pretty absurd, someone speed running a point-and-click game? But then you realize that he managed to finish the game in less time than it probably took to install it back in 1993.

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