5 Reasons Every MOBA Fan Should Play Smite

The switch from an overhead camera to third-person isn’t the only change Hi-Rez brings to the MOBA community. Smite’s World Championships are now over (congratulations to Cognitive Prime for the win), and with it comes a massive influx of new players. If you aren’t on the hype train to Smite town yet, you should be.

1. You’re in the action.


The most obvious change from typical MOBA structure Smite brings to the table is the third-person camera. This makes you feel like you’re a part of the action and not just an observer as you have a more direct input on your character than just clicking around.

2. It’s all skill.


The auto attacks and abilities aren’t targeted by clicking on a space or an enemy in Smite. All aiming of attacks, abilities, and anything else is all manually done, so the ability to aim well and lead your target is invaluable in Smite.

3. The community is amazing.


Let’s face it, MOBA communities are absolutely terrible. Every time I played a game of League or Dota I would end up having someone either tell me how to play, question my sexuality, or make a sexual remark about my mother. That’s not cool dudes, my mother is a nice lady. The community in Smite is much more pleasant than any other MOBA I’ve played. Make no mistake, there are still people who will badmouth you if you aren’t amazing, but I’ve had far more positive experiences than negative ones in Smite.

My personal favorite was when my friend and I played a 3v3 and ended up getting paired with the nicest and sweetest person I’ve ever encountered. When I missed an ability that caused him to die, I apologized, and he said something to the effect of “no worries, you rock!” It was beautiful. In addition, the subbreddit /r/smite is one of the most welcoming and helpful communities I’ve ever been a part of. The developers are active within the subreddit as well, which makes it all the better.

4. Everything is intuitive.

Non-MOBA players often complain that the barrier to entry is incredibly high and that prevents them from enjoying the game. Whether it’s jungle routes, item meta, what the hell a long lane is, or why peeling and rotations are important, there’s definitely a steep learning curve to even the most basic mechanics in MOBAs. Dota 2’s tutorial covers most mechanics, but beyond that it can be pretty hard to understand the basics when someone is yelling at you.

Fortunately, Hi-Rez has you covered. Not only is there a great tutorial, there are also several game modes that are designed to be less complex than the traditional 3-lane, 5v5 mode. Whether you’re a new player or an experienced MOBA player, Smite’s natural intuitiveness makes it approachable and still incredibly deep. Hi-Rez’s YouTube channel also has helpful videos on how to play against certain gods, like the one above.

5) All of the characters are available for a low price right now.


Many people complain that it takes too much money or time to unlock any gods that are fun to play in games like League of Legends. Fortunately, Hi-Rez has solved that problem too, because you can get all current and future gods for around $30 USD. That’s right.


If you haven’t played Smite yet, give it a try. Grab one of the free gods and play for a few matches, and I guarantee you’ll love it.

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