5 Video Game Glitches That Are Equally Horrifying and Hilarious

Sometimes there are scary games, and sometimes there are funny games, but it’s very rare that games are both scary and funny. At least, intentionally. Sometimes, though, there’s a glitch or an error that makes you confused because you want to both laugh and hide at the same time.

Like these five glitches:

1) The Sims 3


In a game like The Sims 3, there are a lot of different people, objects, items, and just… things, so it’s understandable that there might be some glitches. A couple lines of code here and there are bound to go overlooked.

I’m pretty sure that this baby glitch, which for some reason causes a twisted, floating adult torso to follow the baby everywhere it goes, was intentional. Only someone conjuring dark and powerful majicks could possibly explain this insanity. Take a look at these demon spawn in action:

You might laugh now, but I guarantee that these unholy creatures will visit you in your dreams tonight.

2) Fallout: New Vegas


Anyone who’s played through Fallout: New Vegas probably remembers the fairly long and arduous introductory missions in the town of Good Springs. These missions all begin with the player waking up with a bad case of “I have a bullet in my head.”

Somehow, though, despite the entire world being an irradiated wasteland, there’s at least one doctor in this hodunk town that knows how to save you. After he does so, though, he’s got a few questions to ask. Now, imagine that you’re playing this game for the first time and, suddenly, this starts to happen.

The first reaction is horror. Then laughter. Then horror again, followed by more laughter and then a calm, collected acceptance that slowly creeps into your soul. Soon anything else seems out of the ordinary. Broken necks, floating bodies, this becomes your day-to-day existence until you can no longer return to normal.

That, my friends, is the true horror.

3) The Last of Us


Personally, my favorite game of last year was The Last of Us. Naughty Dog crafted a taut, tense, and immersive game where the gameplay enhanced the story and vice versa. Also, there was a part where you got to ride a horse!

Of course, not everything is milk and honey in the land of horses, and there is a particular glitch that makes Ellen Pa… Ellie turn into a bizzarre alien creature instead of a teenage girl when seated on the horse.

Yeah. If that’s not horrifying, I don’t know what is. Still, there’s something a little bit humurous about the way that Joel just keeps doing what he’s doing, completely unaware of the fact that that his sidekick should, by all laws of physics, no longer have any internal organs.

4) Call of Duty: Black Ops


By the time Call of Duty: Black Ops came out, there were plenty of internet commentators already complaining that the Call of Duty franchise was being driven into the ground with its yearly sequels. There have since been three more games in the series.

But what sets Black Ops apart from the nine other Call of Duty games (no, seriously) is it’s unique setting, plot-twist-filled story, and the fact that occassionally dead bodies will just stand up of their own accord and stare at the player with blank, expressionless faces.

Yes, I submit that, despite the superb editing of that video, this glitch is truly terrifying. Imagine being the first person to discover this glitch… No, you know what, even if I knew about this glitch and did my best to make it happen, I would still be terrified.

On the other hand, they do look a little silly, don’t they?

5) Dead Space 2


I know what you’re thinking, “A scary and/or hilarious glitch in Dead Space 2? But isn’t that alredy a scary and/or hilarious game?” Well, sure, Dead Space 2 was released back when the Dead Space series had a horro element to it (before they took that away), but this glitch is still horrifying.

Also hilarious. It’s hilarious.

I think the thing that gets to me are the wet, meaty sounds that emmenate out of the half-body of Isaac constantly. How can you not laugh at that? I mean, sure, maybe you’re too overcome with existential dread by the fact that a dead man continues to walk despite missing most vital organs and most of his limbs.

Truly, that is the most terrifying, to wander aimlessly, floating through a space station until you are long forgotten. Never able to truly die, no matter how dismembered and disfigured you become, your soul forever trapped, always searching for eternal peace, but never finding it.

Woah. Dead Space 2 is scarier than I thought.

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