Agents of SHIELD: What is Coulson Designing in Those Blueprints?

Tonight’s Agents of SHIELD finale gave us a couple of clues as to where the next season is heading, including a tease of Coulson’s vision for the team.

We know that he’s putting together a team of enhanced agents (Skye being the only one we know about so far), and that he’s been vetting potential members with May’s ex-husband for a while now. Towards the end of the episode though, we got a more concrete look at what he’s actually putting together.

Explaining that they’ll need to be mobile (RIP bus), Coulson seems to be designing vehicles for the team. Here’s a better look at his blueprints:

coulson printout 2

To make it easier to see, let’s flip it around:


In the upper left-hand corner appears to be a plane, although it doesn’t look anywhere near as big and command center-ey as the bus was. Diagonal from that is a much smaller aircraft, and the shape reminds me a lot of our current-day military drone planes.

The other two designs are much more mysterious. Are they even vehicles? The one on the right looks like some high-tech whale bones (maybe an exoskeleton of some kind), while the one on the left is shaped an awful lot like a Chitauri gun.

chitauri gun

Perhaps they’re blueprints for weapons that Coulson is designing, although if he’s basing them off of Hydra or Chitauri tech, I think Captain America and his New Avengers are going to have some words on that.

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  1. We see in the new avengers that the have a new jet that hulk steals I bet these designs are for a new air craft that will allow sky to travel and discover more powered people and this will also be like the first bus

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