Class: What’s The Story Behind The Doctor Who Spinoff?

I guess *puts on sunglasses* Class is in session.

Opinions on Doctor Who spinoffs are as mixed as those on the show itself. Many enjoyed Torchwood for its exploration of the darker parts of the Whoverse, while others couldn’t stand the earthbound setting. On the other hand, The Sarah Jane Adventures was a family friendly affair that appealed more to fans of the older show than those who got into it with the 2005 revival.

The BBC was teasing big Doctor Who news, which led many to speculate there would be a new series based on the Eighth Doctor (we’re still rooting for that, by the way), or that there would be an official announcement of the Big Finish 10th Doctor series.

Well, it seems the BBC’s newest Doctor Who spinoff is instead a little something called Class.

What’s the story behind Class?


It will tell the story of Coal Hill School, the institution that Clara teaches at. Presumably, it will focus on the adventures of the students as strange happenings disturb the school. So, think Doctor Who Meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Is the school special in the Whoverse?

It is. The school was featured in the very first episode of Doctor Who, “An Unearthly Child,” first broadcast in November of 1963. It’s last appearance before the 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of the Doctor” was the Seventh Doctor story “Remembrance of the Daleks” broadcast in October 1988. Amazingly enough, that Seventh Doctor story served as the start to the 25th Anniversary season.

Will Clara be a teacher on the show?


It hasn’t been announced. We suppose it depends on how she leaves Doctor Who, since if she dies or leaves Earth for good there’s a pretty ironclad reason why she won’t show up. Even so, the actress is moving on to other projects so we suspect if Clara does show up it’ll be for a cameo appearance at best.

Who’s working on the show?

Current Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffatt and YA writer Patrick Ness will act as executive producers on the show according to the BBC, though it seems like Ness will be serving as the principle creative force:

“I’m astounded and thrilled to be entering the Doctor Who universe, which is as vast as time and space itself. There’s so much room there for all kinds of amazing stories, and to work with Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin to find a place to tell one of my own has been an absolute joy. I can’t wait for people to meet the heroes of Class, to meet the all-new villains and aliens, to remember that the horrors of the darkest corners of existence are just about on par with having to pass your A-Levels.”

How long will the series air?

At the moment, it seems like the first series will run eight hour long episodes. We don’t know if they plan to do another series after that.

When will the first series air?

Spring 2016.


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