Watch All of Star Wars Rebels Online for Free This Weekend

Friendly alert, Star Wars fans. It’s just been announced that the entire first season of Star Wars Rebels will be available for streaming on the official site. You can watch them all here.

Why are the Star Wars gods being so generous to us?

Why, because of May 4th of course! Star Wars day, the holiday celebrating a beloved movie franchise based on a pun, will be here soon!

Are there any other celebrations going on for May 4th?

Well, steam is throwing a rather substantial Star Wars sale where they have up to 77% off certain items, including the X-Wing series which was just added to steam. Enjoy and may the fourth be with you!

Any other reasons why they might want us to catch up on Rebels?

Why, yes there is. It’s been confirmed that that the season two premiere of the show, The Siege of Lothal, will air in June. The episode is sure to be quite a ride, especially since it’s featuring James Earl Jones return as Darth Vader himself. After that, unfortunately, we’re going to have to wait until fall for the rest of the season. While the exact date for the rest of the season isn’t set, it’ll hopefully be sooner rather than later.

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