Gotham: Here’s Your First Look at Tigress and Theo Galavan

Fox has revealed a look at two of the many villains set to debut on the next season of Gotham, now going by the subtitle: Rise of the Villains.

gotham tigress gotham theo

Who are we looking at here?

This is the sibling duo of Tabitha Galavan on the left, and Theo Galavan on the right.

Theo is a billionaire industrialist who becomes something of a father figure to Bruce Wayne. It seems that benevolence hides sinister intentions though, as Theo holds a centuries old vendetta against Gotham for some mysterious reason.

Tabitha meanwhile acts as Theo’s enforcer, and will be the show’s version of the comic book character Tigress. You can see both of them, among some of the returning cast, on the latest Rise of the Villains poster.

gotham season 2 poster

When will we see the second season?

Gotham Season 2 will premiere on Fox on Monday, September 21.

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