How Rex’s Return Will Change Star Wars Rebels

The fallout from Star Wars celebration is in full swing, and with it comes dissecting all the revelations from trailers and announcements. This weekend during the Star Wars: Rebels panel we were treated to a ton of new information about season 2. One of the biggest announcements? The one and only Captain Rex from Clone Wars is making his return to help the crew of the Ghost.

Rex is back? He must be old at this point.

He is. He’s a little thicker and sports a big white beard. He also seems to be wearing his old Clone Trooper armor filled with grim and scuff marks. Rex appears to still cling to his days in the service of the Grand Army of the Republic.


Are those other Clone Troopers with him?

Indeed! And if you pay close attention, the clone trooper on the right is most likely Commander Wolffe, judging by the scar.


How did these guys not go along with Order 66?

At this point the answer is unclear. The most obvious explanation is that the season 6 story arc involving Fives discovering the Clones were implanted with a biological chip with the programming for Order 66 could play into it. It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Rex and other Clone Commanders investigated Fives’ claims and were able to disable their programming just before Order 66 took place. Furthermore, Rex could have discovered the programming and left the army before Revenge of the Sith, explaining his absence in the film.

So what are the Clones up to now?

It seems they’re off on their own, living on their own personal AT-TE on a desert planet. Rex also seems to have made contact with Ahsoka and the two are working together in some capacity.

Does Rex know Kanan?

Unknown, but show runner Dave Filoni did comment that Kanan is “not so much” a fan of Rex, though it may have less to do with Rex personally and more because he is a clone. After all, Kanan did experience Order 66 first hand and must have had Clone Troopers hunting him down, not to mention hear stories about the Clones turning on his Jedi friends. It’s not hard to imagine Rex and Kanan will have to work to earn each other’s trust.

However, judging from the trailer Rex will be aboard the Ghost helping its crew fight the Empire. Given that the ship’s crew are joining a large group of Rebels, it stands to reason they’ll be taking orders from either Bail Organa or Ahsoka, orders that will force them to work together with Rex’s forces.

How long will Rex be on the show?

Unknown. It could be an episode, an arc, or a whole season. We’ll have to wait and see.

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