Star Wars Rebels Season 2 FAQ: Everything We Know So Far [Updated]

This season is a whole new Dejarik game.

We’re a month away from season 2 starting back up after the Darth Vader-centric premiere aired this summer. We’re already told you how great season 1 is, and if you love Star Wars this your only on screen fix

[Updated 11/09/15]: We’ve added information about Hondo’s latest episode┬áto the new characters section!

What is Star Wars Rebels about?

It follows the rag tag team of a ship called the Ghost as they harass the Empire. There’s the leader, an ex-Jedi Padawan named Kanan, their pilot and handler Hera, the muscle, Zeb, and an artsy Mandalorian demolitions expert Sabine. They meet a Force sensitive kid Ezra, who they take as their newest recruit.

During the first season, they have to deal with Imperial forces as the Grand Inquisitor who is hunting the Ghost’s Jedi. Dispatching them earns them the attention of the Rebellion, including Anakin Skywalker’s old padawan Ahsoka Tano. Unfortunately, they’ve also been targeted by Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader.

What will season 2 be about?

The crew of the Ghost will be working more closely with the Rebellion… while being hunted by Darth Vader.

[Updated: 10/8/2015]: Check out this new season 2 trailer for what looks like a great overview of the season. It looks like they’re really stepping up their game:

Will there be any new characters this season?


Aside from Darth Vader? A few.

There will be new inquisitors in season 2 who are ranked below the Grand Inquisitor before his demise in the season 1 finale.

[Update: 10/5/2015] Sarah Michelle Gellar has been revealed to be be playing an Inquisitor called “The Seventh Sister” in season two. It appears she’ll be wielding a spinning dual bladed lightsaber similar to the Grand Inquisitor’s┬álast season. She also seems to have probe/interrogator droids as very ominous sidekicks. We get the impression she’s the new leader of the Inquisition, but that is unconfirmed.


[Updated 10/28/15]:In the second episode of the season, we were introduced to a new Inquisitor, the Fifth Brother, who has been assigned to hunt the crew of the Ghost by Darth Vader himself. He wears heavy Inquisitor armor and seems to be armed with the same double bladed spinning saber the Grand Inquisitor had last season. His species is unknown.


Captain Rex from the cast of Clone Wars will also be joining the cast with his own crew of clones, some of whom are also from the old show. We have some theories about how they weren’t influenced by Order 66, though we suspect it’ll be explained in the show. They’ll be joining the crew to help them fight alongside the rebels.

[Updated 11/09/15]: Hondo, the duplicitous and highly amusing scoundrel/mercenary/businessman/fan favorite from Clone Wars, was a guest star in the third episode of the season, titled “Brothers of the Broken Horn.” The episode acted as a great buddy story with Hondo and Ezra teaming up.

Though we don’t know much, we know a “great new bounty hunter” will also be popping up this season.

Finally, there is a new character that the show’s creators are so excited about they won’t give us any details about them… other than their presence will have major ramifications for our characters.

How will the current cast change?


Sabine will change her hair and armor because she was traumatized by meeting Vader. She will also have an episode with Kanan that will elaborate on her ties to the Mandolorians.

Zeb will discover what happened to his people, which will lead him on a new path complete with new adversaries.

Hera will have a plotline with her father.

Ezra will be training more as a Jedi. We’ll also find out more about his parents.

Does Ahsoka know Darth Vader is Anakin?

Based on the season 2 premiere, it’s pretty obvious she suspects. We’ve seen a clip of the next episode where it seems she’s going off to confirm those suspicions.

Does Darth Vader know about Ahsoka?

Yes he does. He’s also told the Emperor about her.

Any other episodes we’ll be seeing?

We’ll be seeing an episode about the origin of the B-Wing.

When will season 2 return?

October 14th, 2015.

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  1. me and my twin sister we think that Ezra’s mother is the daughter of Drather ch,oh and his father maybe in fact a clone do to Erza,s mother being the black hand of emperor and quickly turn said when her father Darther Ch’oh kill by skywalker she even might have meet Hara’s father all myths

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