Star Wars: Rumors Emerge of a Live-Action Series on Netflix

Earlier this year, we heard some rumblings that Disney was in the midst of developing a live-action Star Wars TV series set in the new continuity. 

According to that report (via Cinelinx, although EW dropped similar hints as far back as 2013), Disney has gone as far as to send the idea down the chain to the Lucasfilm story group, who are working under the impression that the show will eventually happen. The biggest roadblock at the moment is what will almost certainly be a huge budget for each episode.

We’ve seen live-action Disney shows with a pretty decent amount of visual flair (say, Agents of SHIELD on ABC), but let’s be real, nothing they’ve done so far has even come close to being as elaborate as say, Game of Thrones. Capturing the cinematic scope of Star Wars on an ABC budget was always going to be tricky, which may be why we haven’t seen very much movement on this series in recent months.

That is, until earlier this week when another rumored update dropped.

What’s the status on the live-action Star Wars series?

Cinelinx once again reports that development on the Star Wars live-action show has headed in an interesting new direction. According to their source, Disney is extremely happy with the Marvel-Netflix partnership so far, given what a great reaction Daredevil got on the streaming platform.

They’re now looking into how they can expand that relationship into the Star Wars universe. This makes sense for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that Netflix could potentially allow the show to keep the cinematic look of the films, given how much Netflix has been willing to spend on series like House of Cards.

As for why Disney might be considering Netflix over their own network, ABC, the report indicates that the studio is looking at the current trends in network TV and streaming, and wants to make sure they’re not getting left behind as more and more viewers opt to watch their shows online.

What will the show be about?

On that note, no one seems to have any idea. In fact, things just got even more confusing, as Cinelinx is reporting that not one, but three potential shows are currently on the table.

That could mean Disney is going for a Marvel approach (ie: DaredevilJessica JonesLuke CageIron Fist, and The Defenders all sharing the same space), or it could simply mean that there are a few ideas that the studio is considering.

In any case, the one clue we do have are rumors from earlier this year that Disney wants to re-use the sets constructed at Pinewood in London for Episode VII and Rogue One; both to keep costs down and to maintain a visual through line. If true, that likely places the series-in-development somewhere after the Prequel Trilogy era, and possibly even beyond the Original Trilogy as well.

That’s just speculation though. For now, keep those fingers crossed that we could finally see some live-action Star Wars on the small screen.

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