Watch the Simpsons Episodes While Sitting on Their Couch via Oculus Rift

Now that virtual reality is actually becoming more and more possible — not that it wasn’t in the past, but it’s more enhanced and realistic now — it’s time to start thinking about the different worlds and environments we’d like to visit. Some of the Oculus Rift demos are already pretty awesome, like the New Retro Arcade.

When looking at a platform like the Oculus Rift certain questions spring to mind, like where can I go? Better yet, is it possible to explore Springfield and interact with the Simpson family?

That first question hasn’t been answered yet, and may never be because the possibilities are endless. The second question, however has been answered thanks to a pretty neat hack for the Oculus Rift.

Wait, Can You Actually Visit Springfield and the Simpson Family?

Watching episodes of The Simpsons with Oculus Rift


The hack that allows you to do this is called “HomerTheater,” which makes a lot of sense once you see it in action. It was developed by Myles Johnston, after he realized he wanted more control over his custom environment.

In a video annotation he says:

“I didn’t have enough control over making a custom environment in Virtual Desktop, so I made my own Oculus Desktop App.”

HomerTheater allows you to kick back on the couch in the Simpson family living room with Homer and watch TV. Showing on the TV are actual episodes of The Simpsons. Pretty cool!

When you tire of watching reruns you can get up and explore the rest of the house. Nothing beats seeing it all in action though. Check out Johnston’s video demo.

There’s even a desktop computer that you can control inside the Simpson house.

That’s it, we arrived! We are there people, this is the future!

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