9 Life Lessons from “Trailer Park Boys” – Season 10

In case you’ve been busy hauling shopping carts out of a ditch, you might have heard the news that season 10 of Trailer Park Boys was released exclusively on Netflix this last Monday, March 28.While I’m a firm believer that no television series should ever exceed 4 or 5 seasons, this continues to be one of those mindless shows that I can’t help but binge-watch as soon as new episodes come out. There’s no intense action, deep emotional drama or even intelligible motivation for the characters. But it satisfies a primal part of the brain, and does so very predictably and consistently. There’s a certain strange comfort to be taken in that.

I won’t give a formal review of the new episodes, because frankly there’s not much to say. This is easily one of the most forgettable seasons they’ve ever produced. It’s not as bad as, say, their live shows or that time they played themselves in the Swearnet film, shudder). However as far as the core series goes, it’s pretty unremarkable.

That being said, if only for sake of following up with my article from last year (10 Life Lessons From Season 9 of Trailer Park Boys), I’ve opted to compile a short countdown of inspiring quotes from season 10 that offer the sort of dazzling life perspectives you could only get from these icons of “drunk and high as fuck” trailer trash.

Let the inspiration begin!


#9. “Banging for to make a baby is a whole different kettle and dish from regular banging.”

From Ricky in Episode 1: “Freedom 45?”


#8. “For it to be a lie, someone would have to find out that it is a lie.”

From Ricky in Episode 4: “Shit Covered Cave Teeth”


#7. “Don’t quit just ‘cause you suck at something.”

From Ricky in Episode 6: “All the Fuckin’ Dope You Can Smoke”


#6. “The truth is fucked.”

From Julian in Episode 9: “Thugged Out Gangsta Shit”


#5. “You can’t judge the cover of a book by its look.”

From Ricky in Episode 2: “You Want the Lot Fees, Suck Them Out of the Tip of My Cock”


#4. “The liquor will figure it out.”

From Jim Lahey in Episode 8: “The Super Bling Cowboy”


#3. “Hoes, they come and go, but your boy your boy for life.”

From Tyrone in Episode 3: “A Three Tiered Shit Dyke”


#2. “If you don’t believe it, then it’s not real.”

From Ricky in Episode 5: “If You Don’t Believe It, It’s Not Real”


#1. “Life is a strange fucking kettle of shit fish.”

From Jim Lahey in Episode 10: “Looks Like the Liquor Wins”


  1. Well, this season had a very different quality than the last 9, there was less in the way of high jinks and certainly more pathos. I really enjoyed it, the experience was more immersive.

  2. Have to disagree here. I think the show has been consistently great over the years and this was a fantastic season. Wonderful moments like Sam on top of the car, the truck heist and the liquor showing the way. Also the overall theme of family was tied up nicely in the finale with some surprisingly heartfelt moments. Plus, the episodes with Snoop, Tom Arnold and Doug Benson were genuinely funny and I’d love to see them back at some point down the road. Overall, decent and greasy!

    1. I can respect that. Sam on the car was definitely one of the highlights; there were a couple other moments that still make me laugh to think about them. While I felt the season overall did indeed fit the tried-and-true formula that they always run with, it just didn’t seem to build to an outrageous climax like some of the earlier seasons did.

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