Extended ‘Fallout’ Trailer for The Flash: Can Barry Allen Change The Past?

CW Network just released an extended trailer for next Tuesday’s intense episode of The Flash and fans of the Scarlet Speedster won’t want to miss it.

The trailer contains additional footage of Barry Allen, completely thunderstruck by the knowledge that it was an older version of himself that appeared at the scene of his mother’s death. How will the Scarlet Speedster handle that revelation?

“Fallout” will also deal with the after-effects of the nuclear explosion caused by Firestorm that led to Dr. Stein separating from Ronnie’s body. Both of them are now being hunted by General Eiling (played by guest star Clancy Brown) who, of course, wants to take control of Firestorm’s immense power for military purposes.

Check out the extended trailer below:

Can The Flash change history? Find out by tuning in. The Flash is all new Tuesdays at 8/7c on CW.

[h/t comicbook.com]

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