Doctor Who’s Tenth Doctor Is Coming to Disney XD

In a rather odd turn of events, BBC announced earlier today (April 15) that Doctor Who will soon broadcast on Disney XD starting in June. As you may know, Disney XD is Disney’s unique channel for an older, teenage crowd.

While it does seem like a good fit for the channel — as Doctor Who is both action-packed and family oriented — it seems odd that BBC has sparked a merger with Disney specifically. Perhaps even more strange is the fact that the channel will only be airing episodes featuring the tenth Doctor, none other than David Tennant.

Wait, Only the Tenth Doctor You Say?


Instead of going back to the series’ roots, or even to the beginning of New Who, Disney XD will only be airing the three full series led by the tenth Doctor. It’s all pretty curious. Even more so when you consider Tennant actually signed on with “The Christmas Invasion” and XD is only going to show Series 2 to Series 4.

Nevertheless, there’s a good chance this might spark interest in the series, more specifically amongst all the young whipper-snappers out there who regularly tune in to XD.

Okay, Shutup and Tell Me When I Can Watch Doctor Who!


Starting Saturday, June 13th and running up until Saturday, June 20th the channel will air a total of eight episodes per day, similar to a marathon style broadcast. In addition, on June 14th, episodes will be available for streaming via the Watch Disney XD app for anyone who has access.

All I have to say about this is, allons-y! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

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