Will We See Green Lantern in Season 2 of the Flash?

The Flash is no stranger to easter eggs, or hidden secrets. One only need to direct their attention at the latest spinoff Legends of Tomorrow to see a few characters who once played a role on The Flash. The most recent episode, even saw Barry Allen working alongside Captain Cold and his crew.

However, there was something else that happened in the recent episode that caught our eye. We heard mention of a certain Hal Jordan, well indirectly anyway.

Before we continue, spoiler warning for the latest episode of The Flash and season finale of Arrow.

In the latest episode — appropriately titled Rogue Air — Barry and crew paid a visit to the Ferris Air testing facility in Central City. As if that wasn’t enough, the scarlet speedster remarks that the place closed down after “one of their test pilots went missing.”

Just in case you’re not familiar, that missing test pilot is Hal Jordan.

How Does This Relate to Green Lantern?

Ferris Air, or Ferris Aircraft in the DC comics, is the aerospace and defense company that Hal Jordan works for, before he becomes the infamous Green Lantern.

Arrow fans will recognize the name from the episode Sacrifice. In it, villain Edward Fyers volleys missiles at a Ferris Air jet, but Shado reprograms the missile’s guidance system so that it redirects to Fyer’s compound instead.

Arrow’s Executive Producer, Marc Guggenheim later tweeted a photo that shows a Ferris Air logo, jetliner and the company tagline “we fly without fear.”

Marc Guggenheim Green Lantern easter egg in Arrow

If you look at the slogan alone, it alludes to Green Lantern. As we know, Hal Jordan’s whole storyline — including his origin — involves overcoming fear and embracing willpower. To wield the Green light, one must have a strong enough willpower to overcome immense fear.

Does this mean we’ll soon see Hal Jordan or the Green Lantern on the small screen? Rumors claim we won’t see the character again in the DC universe until Justice League Part Two hits theaters. He will get a standalone movie, but that’s not happening for another five years.

Then again, if you look at Barry Allen’s character, Ezra Miller has been chosen to fill the role on the big screen. Yet, Grant Gustin will continue to play the character for the TV series. It’s possible we’ll see someone else take on the role of Green Lantern for a TV adaption or cameo. Perhaps, we’ll see a different version of the character? My vote is for Atomic Green Lantern.

Even if this all turns out to be one elaborate nod to the character, it’s pretty neat to see.

Coast City reference in Season Finale of Arrow

Then again, we did see Oliver Queen visit Coast City — Hal Jordan’s hometown — in a flashback. In the comics, Jordan and Queen are good friends and they team up often. It’s becoming increasingly more likely that the character will appear somewhere.

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