Arrow Review: Oliver Queen Outed As The Arrow Yet Again, When Will He Become The Next Ra’s Al Ghul?

This season of Arrow has had a lot of highs and lows and it has been amazing to see. We’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions all year long and have found out even more about Oliver Queen and people associated with him. On the last episode entitled “Public Enemy” Queen was outed to Captain Lance as The Arrow.

This was done as a way to help convince young master Queen into becoming the new Ra’s Al Ghul as the current felt that making Queen the hated villain would drive home the point that he cannot escape his fate, that he must take the throne even if he doesn’t want it.

The show ended when Oliver Queen turned himself into the police after they had hunted him for the better part of the show. Meanwhile Felicity was with Ray Palmer as he recovered from an arrow shot to the chest. One he took protecting her after an attack that saw the death of the Starling City mayor.

It was said that Ray had a blood clot in his brain, but luckily an invention of his was able to save his life. Most medical people would wonder why the doctors didn’t give Palmer much of a chance when there is medication to save his life already present. But to make the show work, Palmer had to have some sort of invention.

We knew Palmer couldn’t die, The Atom is too big of a character to kill off a few episodes in.

While The Atom can take care of Starling City while The Arrow is out of commission, the fact remains that the world is better with The Arrow than without. Now that his identity is known, what could Queen do?

Enter Roy Harper

Roy Harper

During a drive to prison, Harper stopped the truck carrying Queen and Captain Lance to jail. There he was wearing The Arrow costume and turned himself in to take the place of Queen in an effort to save him even when he was not the man who committed the crimes from the Arrow’s past.

This was where we left off and it was a cliffhanger we’ll have to wait a couple weeks to see something about as we have to wait until April 15th to find out more.

We can make some assumptions about what will happen this season however, if we go off of a preview from The Flash on Tuesday. We saw a lot of upcoming stuff on the show such as seeing The Arrow, The Atom, and Firestorm forming with Barry Allan to accomplish something. There we saw Lance working with Joe on something. So there must be something that happens that affects Starling City and Central City.Otherwise, why have two police officers from two different cities talking?

In the same preview, we saw a new uniform for The Arrow. It appeared like a League of Assassins uniform so it seems that Oliver Queen will indeed become the new Ra’s Al Ghul this season. Now, does that mean he will remain in this role for very long? Will he end up meeting with Barry to help him get out of this new role he finds himself in?

The idea being rumored is that Queen will end up joining only to stop the problems happening in his city. Now that he is technically free from being The Arrow as Roy takes the fall, Queen can go out to become the next Ra’s while The Atom takes care of the city in his absence. So we could very well see him take the throne within the next few episodes.

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