Ash vs Evil Dead: Everything We Know About the Starz TV Series

A new teaser just dropped for Starz upcoming series Ash vs Evil Dead and although it doesn’t reveal much it definitely has me excited. The show isn’t supposed to release until sometime this fall, but knowing that it’s on the way is good enough for me.

Ash vs Evil Dead will be a continuation of Army of Darkness according to Sam Raimi — a sequel to it and the films before it, as well. It’s currently in production in New Zealand, and Starz has promised more videos soon.

What Do We Know About the Show?

The show will apparently start with a run of 10 half-hour episodes. Raimi first announced it at San Diego Comic-Con (2014) and revealed that it was his choice to have each episode that short.

Sam Raimi — the original creator — is back, but he’s not handling everything. He’s writing the first episode and will serve as Executive Producer alongside Robert Tapert (Evil Dead 1981), DiGregorio and Bruce Campbell.

As you can tell by the voice in the teaser, Bruce Campbell is back and Raimi says the show will be “the next chapter in Ash’s lame, but heroic saga”.

What’s It About?

Army of Darkness still Ash and his boom stick

The series will pick up 30 years after Army of Darkness. Ash is back in the real world, working a dead-end job and living in a dump of a trailer. It sounds like he’ll be hiding from his past, likely trying to steer clear of others.

Apparently, something is going to happen that starts the Deadite plague anew and Ash will be “finally forced to face his demons – personal and literal”.

Campbell promised the “trash-talking know-it-all who doesn’t really know anything” and “the ultimate anti-hero” we’ve come to love will return in full force. Campbell’s one-liner growl in the teaser — “groovy” — confirms this.

It also sounds like Ash will be dealing with some fallout. Campbell has described him as “a guy who’s got some issues. He’s emotionally stunted.”

Bruce Campbell Isn’t the Only Actor, Is He?

Ash played by Bruce Campbell in The Evil Dead

Nope! Ash will be part of a “threesome” including himself and two others.

“One is a male-bonding situation; the other is a father-figure deal, since Ash could have a daughter the same age as this character. Hopefully we’ll pull Ash out of his loner-veteran mode and get him back into being a human being again.”

Ash’s daughter will be played by Dana Delorenzo. Named Kelly Maxwell, she’s been described as a “moody wild child,” who will no doubt give Ash his fair share of trouble.

Ash’s “male-bonding” sidekick will be played by Ray Santiago (Touch) as Pablo Simon Bolivar.

Ash, Pablo and Kelly will be the central focus of the series. With the supporting cast including Jill Marie Jones (Girlfriends) as Amanda Fisher and Lucy Lawless (Xena, Spartacus) as Ruby.

Fisher and Ruby both have problems with Ash. Fisher — a Michigan State Trooper — believes that Ash is responsible for the death of her partner. On the other hand, Ruby believes that Ash is responsible for the Deadite problems and so she’s hunting him down.

It will be an interesting dynamic onscreen that’s for sure!

Starz will be hosting the series, so loyal fans need not worry about a slimmed down censored version. Campbell has promised that the team “intend to give [fans] quite the explosion of viscera.”

Anyone else as excited as I am?

Hail to the king, baby!

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